James Mundy

About Me

Jim has always had a love of nature. He acquired this as a boy when he’d follow his father, Naturalist John Mundy, through local woods and fields. He spent countless hours in local parks observing wildlife, fishing and  exploring, joining in on the famous Sunday nature hikes offered by Naturalists Warren and Elizabeth Wells.

Because his father was a Ranger and Naturalist, they often had a variety of orphaned or injured wildlife at their home giving Jim close contact with creatures few people ever have the opportunity to experience.

Jim has taken his love for the natural world into his adult life by choosing to study wildlife in college and the going on to become one of the Land Managers for a large regional park system in southwest Ohio.

Jim’s main focus has been photographing birds in their habitat, but Wildflowers and plants, Mammals, InsectsReptiles and Amphibians and beautiful landscapes are also photographed when they present themselves.

He decided the best way to share these experiences was to capture their images and with today’s digital SLRS he finds it easier and more cost effective to accomplish this. He had always used Nikon cameras in the past to capture these images but starting in 2007 he changed to Canon.

He wants to share the message of “learning to live WITH wildlife” and hopes that through his photography you will realize the importance of these creatures and their habitats in our shared world. To contact Jim email him at jmundyphotography@gmail.com

About Nature's Ark Photography

Wondering about the name Nature's Ark Photography?; Here’s the story: during the depression years, Jim’s paternal grandfather sheltered his family in this tiny “ark” tied down on the Ohio River in the area known as the East End in Cincinnati. This “shanty-boat” was their safe haven when many were homeless due to the desperate economic situation found across the county. Later, when times were better, Frank Mundy (Jim’s grandfather) had a stamp made as a reminder of how life had been, that the ark had been their refuge when times were tough and the compass marks reminding him that they had found their way to a better life.

Photos of the Ark and the stamp impression

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